my word

“What is my word?” I must have asked myself this question a thousand times in the last year. It’s a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies, Eat Pray Love, in which the characters choose a word to best describe who they are, their essence. Every time I watch this scene I escape into the jungle that is my thoughts, trying to figure out what my word would be. And every time I do this, I come up with nothing but a blank. I’ve tried everything from writing, to brainstorming, to meditating and still nothing would resonate with me. And then today, as if out of nowhere I found my word and my word is passion.

For those of you with your mind in the gutter, you can stay there free of shame as obviously that part goes without saying. But true passion is so much more than that. Passion can be anywhere as long as we are open to experiencing it. And most importantly, if we are courageous enough to embrace it even if it doesn’t fit the mental image that we have created about what we ‘think’ life ‘should’ be. Life is not one size fits all, and trying to fit into something or someone outside of who you are is a waste of life.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called “the perfect storm”. The post was about a sense of power that I suddenly felt come from within but I had no clue what it was for or how to put it to use. Every day since that day has taught me that the key to unlocking that power is passion. Despite all my efforts trying to incorporate some of my greatest passions into my daily life, I have only managed to do so in spare time. But these last several days have shown me that what I need is to be surrounded by them. Everyone is happy to be successful, but the feeling you get when you are successful at something that you are passionate about is truly indescribable.

Therefore as of this moment, I am putting my life on a passion cleanse. I am going to infuse my passions in every single area of my life. From what I do, to the food I eat, to the company I keep, and everything else in between. Because the reality is that the more you align your life and surround yourself by your greatest passions in everything that you do, the more you are living according to your true essence. This is the key to unlocking your greatest potential, your power. For me, the key themes of this cleanse will be: dancing and performing, writing to inspire others to live with passion and courage, and working diligently to raise awareness on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion in my community. What will your key themes be???


About the writer

So yes, you've guessed it...I am in the process of getting divorced. Now surely I've had many challenges along the way, but I can honestly say that it has truly been the most eye opening experience of my life. Although it's never what you plan or hope for and it can be truly devastating when you realize it's happening, but it can also have a silver lining if you look for it...once you get through the guilt, anger, self-loathing, several pints of Haagen Dazs and a crate or two of wine of course. My divorce not only got me out of a very unhealthy relationship, but it also opened the door for me to reshape my entire life. So after a year of loafing, I am getting my ass off my couch and into gear to transform everything that I know has not been doing me any justice in my life. I went from trying to be the perfect daughter to trying to be the perfect wife, constantly accepting that which was imposed on me and living my life on auto pilot. Well, all that is about to change. 2012 is finally over and the new year is here, and this will be the year that I change my life and make it what I want it to be. This blog will document my experiences and hopefully help other men and women in the same boat to find some sort of inspiration. I would also like to hear from those of you who have some tips, advice or inspiring stories of your own to share. For many of us, just knowing that there are others who have lived to tell their stories with somewhat of a happy ending, is inspiration enough. Happy New Year!!!

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